Don’t Buy Bitcoin. Mine It.

We provide overstock pricing of best-in-class cryptocurrency mining hardware while granting individuals exclusive access to institutional-scale hosting services at unbeatable costs. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

The Block Overstock Difference

We Put our mining where our mouth is

Block Overstock is part of an institutional scale mining operation who is partnered with the biggest players in the game. Get the same benefits we do without the hassle.

Overstock Savings

We bulk order top-in-class miners every month and receive lucrative deals through tenured relationships we’ve built over the years and pass those savings along to you.

We have access to private mining pools that the everyday individual doesn’t. If you elect us to host your machine(s), you’ll receive exclusive access to the same pools institutional miners use to maximize their earnings.

Most of our competitors can take months (or longer) to get your units plugged in and hashing. Not us. Our average TTPI from your date of purchase is just 2-4 weeks!

Hosting Cost

Large hosting facilities typically only work with large miners, leaving individuals in a scramble to be profitable on their own. You can set your machine up right alongside thousands of ours and other big institutions and receive the same price benefits we do. No one can offer the rates we can. *Mic Drop*

Expert Service

We’ve been doing this a long time, and take pride not only in our quality of hosting services and hardware, but in our quality of customer service. Our mining experts top priority is to make sure you’re successful and profitable.

Block Overstock is an NFN8 Group, Inc. company and brings its years of experience being an institutional mining operation to the general public. Get exclusive access to our seminars and mining resources that’ll help you excel your mining potential.


The Best Facilities. The Best Hosting

We can host your machines right alongside ours and all the other big players at the biggest and baddest facilities in the world.

Don’t Buy Bitcoin.

We Are The Orange Standard

Mine It.


We Provide the Best. Period.

We only provide (and use ourselves) the most advanced mining hardware, and we’re always among the first to receive the latest and greatest mining tech. We offer a variety of best-in-class brand new or seasoned miners. Just let us know how many you’d like, and which type(s). Not sure? We can help with that, too.

About Us

Humble Beginnings. Institutional Scale Growth.

We are a family owned and operated business based in Austin, Texas, USA. Our parent company, NFN8 Group, Inc. is an institutional-scale cryptocurrency mining corporation that’s been in operation since 2017. We started with miners in our garages and backyard sheds, graduated to shipping containers in a local warehouse, and now operate in partnership with one of the world’s largest self-mining operations running over 10% of the Bitcoin blockchain network.

Our heart is still where we started as individual Bitcoin miners, seeking the promise of financial freedom and adventure Bitcoin offers. With that in mind, we have recently expanded our business model with Block Overstock to make institutional-scale mining available to individuals.

We believe in personal service. When you call us (or when we call you back), you’ll be talking to an experienced US-based mining expert who can answer your questions, not some offshore call center that’s going to run you through their script first.

So whether you’re completely new to crypto, or have been at it a while and just figured out that the money’s in the mining, or an experienced miner looking for the best prices on in-stock equipment and institutional-scale hosting, give us a call. We look forward to talking with you!

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